Bike holder made from stainless steel

METALSISTEM is pleased to present the upgraded model of the "relax-BIKE" item, a modular bike stand made from stainless steel, perfectly suited for both professionals and genuine bike lovers.

The bike, once located on the stand, allows for easy access to execute maintenance work, such as cleaning and lubrication of the chain, adjustment and regulation of the braking device, adjustment of the gear changer etc. The bike stand also allows the frame of the bike, its wheels and handlebars to be safeguarded from damage, whilst providing comfortable storage space for all related accessory items such as helmets, gloves, shoes, water bottles: each item is perfectly in order and within easy reach. The bike stand can be fold away when not in use, occupying just 210 mm in width. The adjustable supports of the bike stand allow the item to be adapted to varying bike models available on the market. The upgraded model of "relax-BIKE" reassumes all distinctive features of the SUPERINOX product series: it is light, strong, made in Italy, and thanks to the stainless steel used for its manufacture, it is also scratch- and stainproof.

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