"Spazio Vedova" - The world's first dynamic museum

The art design of Renzo Piano combined with the technological know-how of METALSISTEM, applied to the refurbishment of the "Magazzino del Sale" in Venice, Italy, which now becomes the new "Spazio Vedova": the world's first dynamic museum.

The synergies between the divisions of METALSISTEM (from furnishing to automation and warehouse engineering to domotic’s and information technology) have created a highly specialised pool of technicians dedicated to material handling and automation.

The diverse experiences developed in these sectors under the stewardship of the President Antonello Briosi united with a strong propensity towards innovation, have given birth to the development of projects of outstanding quality, a fine example of which can be seen in the “Spazio Vedova”.

This space has been carved out of the refurbished “Magazzino del Sale” in Venice. It consists of an exposition surface 65 meters in length holding 30 large canvases of Emilio Vedova reaching dimensions of up to three by three meters. The canvases float within the exposition surface supported by 10 shuttles designed to carefully handle the high loads generated from these priceless, both in artistic and economic terms, works of art with surgical precision. Resilience, speed and precision were but a part of the technical challenges facing METALSISTEM.

The project comes to life with the application of a PLC/PC capable of controlling the 3 dimensional references as well as with the position and progression of the canvases without placing limits to creative choice. 10 canvases in exposition and 20 on hold. This is the pallet with which the curator can work.

Through an intuitive interface the spacial and temporal location of the paintings can be decided in a matter of minutes as well as setting the exposition logic of the collection to follow. The system reacts to the information transmitted to it via WIFI.

Only moments pass before “virtual” is transformed to reality: this is the technological footprint put forth by METALSISTEM that has permitted the creation of this revolution in the world of art exposition.

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