Fencing Systems - Railing - Safety Barriers

METALSISTEM, a leading manufacturer of industrial steel storage systems for more than 40 years, proudly presents its latest product novelty: a series of patented, specific components and accessories designed to provide a modular system for fencing and parapet structures for outside use. Thanks to its ongoing commitment to Research & Development, a large number of patents has been obtained by METALSISTEM throughout its company history.
Based on the peculiar zinc coated “SUPER 4-5-6” and the stainless steel “SUPERINOX” upright sections, both systems are highly flexible and allow for a multitude of creative solutions in both indoor and outdoor applications: solutions featuring numerous geometric configurations that stand out for their beauty, simplicity and functionality.
Thanks to their finish (stainless steel or zinc coating according to the SENDZIMIR procedure), both systems fully satisfy the resistance and durability requirements needed for outdoor use.

ZINC COATED FENCING SYSTEMS are made from starter and add-on bays composed of oval section tubes held together by horizontal runners, located onto the peculiar SUPER 4-5-6 upright section at intervals of 1.620 mm, with a standard height of 1.120 mm. The uprights are fastened onto concrete walls by means of mechanical dowels. In the case of fencing systems used for solar parks, the typical module width would be 2.560 mm, with a standard height of 2.000 mm. In this case, uprights are installed directly into the ground. Modular gates are also available for supply, in standard widths of 2.500 mm (see pictures overleaf).
Thanks to the industrial manufacture and an utmost ease of assembly, these fencing systems distinguish themselves by their modularity and unequalled cost efficiency.

STYLISH FENCING SYSTEMS made from stainless steel are available in two standard heights: 1100 mm and 2300 mm. This stainless steel system is composed of square upright sections (32x32 mm) located at centre distances of up to one meter, with stainless steel cables passing through the perforations within the upright sections. The cables are tightened by means of turnbuckles. For those applications where the stainless steel fencing is used as a parapet construction, it is necessary to locate additional uprights to guarantee the needed strength and tightness requested for parapets. Also, for such applications, horizontal profiles are used instead of cables, for the construction of hand- and knee rails. The uprights are anchored onto low concrete walls that have previously been perforated at given centre distances, to insert the uprights into the wall and securely fasten them with grout.

Thanks to the modularity of both systems and their components, they allow for an easy and flexible construction of safety barriers for delimiting spaces, indicating paths, emergency and escape routes, pointing out dangers and the like.

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